Alan Refaeli

Alan Refaeli’s success in running digital marketing campaigns is a force to reckon with. He has been at the fore front of many successful marketing strategies, strategic business partnerships, and feasible business development strategies among some of the most formidable companies today.


His experience stretches to about 20 years in active business industry and his skills and wealth of expertise is incredible. Alan Refaeli was trained in Broward Community College, Illinois where he graduated with a degree in Law and chose to join active marketing mainstream and help the many upcoming businesses. A passion he was later to develop into three distinctive and pretty successful companies.

Today Alan Refaeli is the head of these three successful companies. They include the following, Digital Bulldogs a data monetization company created in 2011 and creates additional revenue streams for various companies across the world, Deliver It Media, a company that was created in 2014 and strives to provide carefully chosen Publishers with high converting ad solutions to the many different verticals that we have today, and Allied Internet Inc which was created in 2001, and which is involved with successful List Management, Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, and Hosting & Colocation Services.

His ability to run these companies quite successfully is based on Mr. Refaeli’s skills both learned and acquired over time. They include the following, Generation of maximum business revenues, development of practical clients relations strategies, planning and execution of tactical business policies, real time digital marketing, far reaching knowledge on interactive sales and marketing, and satisfactory deal and contract negotiation.


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